How we turn business ideas into beautiful products

Our Process

Original Thought’s process hinges on speed, collaboration, and driving measured results for every client we partner with. We call it the Gravytrain.



“Food On-Demand Enthusiast”

42 years old
Father, Has one son
Tech Saavy
Resides in New Mexico
Reads 4 food blogs a day

“The Food On-Demand Enthusiast”
Walter loves Biscuits & Gravy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The only problem is his crazy work schedule doesn’t allow him to make dinner for his son at night so he tends to order food through a variety of on-demand food delivery apps.

There are many restaurants in his area who offer biscuits & gravy that he loves. The only problem is none of those restaurants deliver. With Gravytrain, Walter would be able to enjoy his biscuits & gravy anytime. anywhere.

– Easy access to the best Biscuits & Gravy in the area
– Fast and reliable on-demand food delivery that delivers on time

1. Listen & Learn

The first phase of creative development revolves around us getting to know your user’s behaviors and the market landscape. Once we’ve established the goals of your business and the target user we’ll devise a creative strategy that intrigues, inspires, and informs.

- Idea Validation, User Research, User Interviews, Branding Exploration Competitive Market Analysis, Product Specifications, Strategy

2. Iterate & Test

Once we’ve Listened & Learned about your users and defined your business goals, we then move into the UX design of your product. Building upon our learnings and best practices, we’ll A/B test multiple prototypes with test users to ensure we’re finding the sweet spot between all of our goals.

- Information Architecture, Wireframes, Interactive Prototype, User Testing, Analysis, Branding & Mood Boards

3. Launch & Pop Bottles

We believe in celebrating big and small wins around here. Once we’ve delivered a final product, we’ll do a round of “cheers” but then our focus turns to gathering performance analytics. Armed with these key insights we then iterate & test these learnings with the live market until we hit all our business and ux goals.

- UI Design, Product Development, Analysis, 12-18 Month roadmap, Brand & Web Style Guide, Key marketing & social media assets